The Ripped Story

Been waiting to create a look with this vertically ripped pants, I finally got an opportunity and a valid reason to do it.

How I came up with this idea?

So I had gone for a trip to Mount Abu and we went trekking everyday. One of the days I decided to wear these pants because they were very comfortable, but they tore a little while trekking. So I thought why not rip the pants even more, so I ripped the pants further vertically (as you must have observed i am crazily in love with ripped pants) and Voila! I found my current favourite ripped pants. Also, i feel my experiment turned out just fine because these pants look super chic & I’m in love with it.

Well this post might seem more like a travel story. Because just like the pants the shoes have another story to tell (don’t worry it’s a short one :P). These shoes are really old, can you tell? They were originally yellow, but on my way to Goa in the bus, someone spilled cold drink over these shoes and the left shoe turned brown from yellow. I just didn’t feel right throwing them away so I thought why not paint them black because it will cover the stain as well as I can pair them with almost anything.

I honestly don’t prefer giving away my favourite clothes or shoes before making the best use of them. And especially when they fit me so well, until they are really old or faded. I’m sure most of you have at least that one piece in your closet which is so perfect that it’s just meant to be with you forever.

Hope you enjoyed the ripped story and let me know what you think about the storyteller pants and shoes.

Enjoy the pics below <3

Photos by – Lendl Paul

Outfit Deets

Top – H&M

Pants – Street

Shoe – Street