The Transparent Story

Many of you must be wondering why I don’t specify some of my outfit details, Well, that’s because currently I’m just creating looks with the clothes I have in my closet. Most of them are from the streets or old or I don’t remember where I got them from but I still put them up. I believe you don’t always have to shop, you can restyle your pieces & create some magic. So right now I’m just trying to slay with what I have in my closet but of course, I shop as well and as I do, I’ll definitely be sharing all the interesting stuff on the blog.

Coming to the look, I have to start by asking I’m I the only one longing to own a transparent raincoat or is there anyone else out there who understands the feeling of finding one? I’d been searching for one since last year and finally found it. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I’d been to Goa for a short trip and while I was shopping at Mapusa market *BOOM* I spotted the raincoat I was looking for, so I picked it without giving it a second thought.

I wanted a raincoat like this because it not only protects you from the rains but also lets you show off your outfit and adds an element of style to it. I had to add my gumboots to complete the look, because there’s definitely no fun in the rain without gumboots.  Also, when my boots get a little wet at the edges they tend to hurt my calves so I wore the socks a little higher than the boots. But if you plan on wearing pants then you can totally wear your basic socks.

Last but not the least before putting up this post I wanted to make sure I find similar raincoats in Mumbai and I figured you get these at Hillroad Bandra, so go grab one and enjoy your monsoon in style. Also, don’t forget to check the video at the end <3



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Outfit Deets

Raincoat – Mapusa Market, Goa

Gumboots – Celebrity Style, linking road Bandra

Skirt – Street

Tank Top – Closet