That’s Not How You Wear It!

That’s not how you wear it! Have you ever come across this statement? Or somewhat similar? Well, I get a lot of that..hahah. We are always expected to do things in a certain way, even when it comes to clothes. Not in reference to dressing in a decent or inappropriate way, but in reference to things like what needs to be paired with what and what goes with what and how and what does or doesn’t suit you.

For something to be right or acceptable it has to be done in a certain way, Is it? I’ve always styled random things together and never paid attention to things like “this can’t be worn like that”, “this isn’t the right way to wear it”, “why did you pair this with that”, “those colors aren’t supposed to be worn together” etc.

Don’t you think some nightwear are too pretty to be worn just at home? I think It’s time let them out. The reason I wanted to talk about dressing in a certain way is because I’ve been waiting to style my nightwear in my daily (day to day) outfits.  In this look, I’ve layered a cotton camisole over a white shirt & paired it with a denim skirt, & some cute striped socks that totally complement the look.

Go style your nightwear & get some eyes rolling <3









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