Black & White

This one’s for all my black & white lovers ♥

When it comes to colors, I honestly don’t have a favorite one. Not a fan of black & white either. For people who think wearing black & white all the time is boring, let me tell you it’s not. All you need to do is keep styling it in different ways and not pair it with the same thing repeatedly.

So in this one, I’ve kept my dress constant while changing everything from tip to toe and still managed to go completely monochrome. Another element I wanted to highlight about this look is, how one dress can be worn as a casual & formal outfit, just by pairing it with different things.

Look 1 (Casual) – I paired my dress with a turtleneck top and a pair of Puma sneaks. If you’re someone who loves wearing sneakers with everything possible, then this look is just for you.









Look 2 (Formal) – If you need to head for a meeting or a formal event, you can totally try this one. Of course, I’ve added a white shirt underneath because what else could turn an outfit formal so easily than a white shirt. Added my box heels and a classy clutch to complete the look.







Look 3 (Somewhere in the middle) – Okay, I might have cheated here..hahah.. because I’ve added a pop off pink to this look with my earrings.