Some Bell Bottom Story

Bell bottoms style always gave me a “I’m not sure if I like you” feel. I remember always coming up with excuses when my mom used to force me to wear it. But then mom’s are mom’s right? They make you feel that you look nice in everything possible, even if you feel you don’t hahah.


The jumpsuit I’m wearing in this look is from my favorite street shopping place in Mumbai. I’m sure you all are quite familiar with it now!
I mostly tend to go shopping with my mom and this time I didn’t know there was a bell bottom jumpsuit waiting for me or was actually waiting to grab my mom’s attention. She loved it as soon as she spotted it and of course I had to buy it, not because you can’t say no to mom’s but also because I liked the whole style. The material especially, I mean who wouldn’t want to wear cotton in summer and at the same time look a bit stylish. I completed the look with my pink heels to flaunt the bell bottoms, totally works!


Have you also had a love & hate relationship with bell bottoms? Let me know in the comments below <3