Para Tu

Bello, Do you know what the title means? if you do, give me a high five because you’re officially a minion. Po-ka? Yes, you are!

Its been a while, actually a year, that I’ve started buying lose fit pants that have drawstrings to it or you can call it pyjamas. I have no idea why I find it so fascinating to style these pants. I have ten pants in this similar style (not exaggerating) and yes, I literally counted the number of pants while writing this post. The best part about most of these pants is that they are high waisted & I guess you already know how much I love clothes that are high waisted. The one I’m wearing in this look was gifted by my friend on my birthday because all my friends know how much I love these kinda pants. I went all cray when I saw the pants because I’m totally obsessed with the style & also because it’s pastel, which is one of the top fashion trends this season.

This look was obviously created keeping in mind my favourite animated character ie; minions, while adding some chic vibes to it. After I created this look all I could imagine was me posing around banana trees & probably stealing some haha, because common you can’t be a minion if you don’t love bananas. And that’s exactly how I ended up shooting this look. Roaming & hunting for bananas along with my friend Bob (playing the “Banana song” in the background)

Also, don’t forget to comment below with your favourite minion word.

Poopaye <3




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