Kondana Caves

The concept of travelling is evolving every day, it’s actually become a trend now. Everyone wants to travel, some people want to do it to escape from their everyday routine or because of their boring jobs or maybe that is what makes them happy. Well for whatever reason you want to do it, you should just do it.


Do you travel? I think we all love travelling & we do it every day, I don’t mean physically but in our minds. We all travel every day in our minds to escape from random things or just because its cool to do so (because I do it :P) How many times have you found yourself in your own fantasy land when you’re bored? I hope you can relate or I might sound a little crazy. Not all of the things in your fantasy land might be possible but what about the times when you make those travel plans in your head or say wish I could do “this” or “that” when you see travel pictures or read a travel blog or just come across a place that you really wish to go. I always wanted to go to places or should I say travel (sounds cooler).


All of us tend to come up with excuses when it comes to doing something we love or been wanting to do something for a long time. “Time” the biggest excuse that we tend to give ourselves. For a change, I didn’t let time to be a problem & finally decided to go somewhere. I didn’t know where but I definitely wanted to go somewhere, where it’s peaceful. The plan was initially to go on a long bike ride but that got canned because things never go the way you plan right?


So the plan was to reach Dadar station by 5.45 be a.m. use there were two trains that we could board to reach Karjat, Indrayani express at 5.55 a.m. or a 6.20 a.m. local train. Indrayani express would help us reach faster but could have been crowded & we probably had to stand the whole journey. The 6.20 a.m. train, on the other hand, was a starting local, so I could sit & probably take a nap that I couldn’t get the previous night since I had to wake up early, 3.50 a.m.  to be precise. But it was totally fun & adventurous to leave your house so early & admire everything around. I was wondering if it’s normal for people to actually wake up so early every day & head outside.


Let’s get back to Dadar, so the Indrayani express arrived & it wasn’t as crowded as my friend described it would be. So we obviously took it. The train journey was quite interesting though it was a two and half hour journey it didn’t seem that long, except for the time when it got a little crowded.


After reaching Karjat we sat at the station for like 15-20 minutes admiring the station & the people around us. I remember my friend telling me that “Karjat station vada pav is really famous”, but we weren’t in the mood to try it at 7.00 a.m. so we had some sandwiches which my mom had sweetly packed for the trip <3 (such a saviour)  Like the sandwich was actually a savior, it was the only thing we ate till we could reach the caves. So we took a rickshaw just outside Karjat station & headed to Kondana village. All I could see on my way to the village were, trees, mountains, local shops, small houses (cute ones), pigs, buffaloes, broken property, lakes (I don’t know if that’s what its called) haha, and people who were were maybe following their usual morning routine and also “cactus”.


I had to mention cactus, I never thought I would be so fascinated looking at cactus. Isn’t it prickly beautiful? I wish I could get one home. Never mind, so we reached Kondana village and then had to walk a bit ahead for 20 minutes to start trekking. We started trekking around 7.45- 8 a.m., it was just a small trekk till the caves because it’s summer so I didn’t want to kill my self in the heat. But if you go further on top following the arrows you can visit Rajmachi fort. Before we could start trekking we stopped at this cute place made of bamboos to wear our shoes & I obviously had to take some pictures.


On the way to the caves, there was poop lying around (buffalo poop) like a lot of it which looked like small black rocks. It added some kinda texture & design to the road rather than the usual one. Well, my friend also challenged me to pick it since I was admiring them. Of course, I didn’t, ok I should stop before you stop reading this post. The next thing I spotted was a bunch of really pretty looking colourful dry leaves piled up as if someone had gathered them & kept it together (picture alert again).

It was fun climbing on top and then finally reaching the caves. I was dripping with sweat like a pig. We chilled at the caves took some pictures had sandwich (again). It tasted like the best sandwich ever. Like they say when you’re really hungry everything tastes delicious, no but this was really tasty (Mom’s gonna read this).


We finally reached the caves, It was so pleasant. The view from the caves was indescribable & the picture doesn’t do any justice either. It was like staring at a moving painting. Moving because there was a tunnel from which we could see trains coming out. I could sit there all long just staring at that view. We also met a man at the caves, No! not a “caveman” he just worked there & we also offered him a sandwich. Lucky guy, he could stare at that view every day.


So We headed back down at 11.30am, after chilling at the caves for an hour. Because If we waited any longer it would have gotten hotter by the time we reached down. This time it felt a little less hot since we didn’t have to climb up haha (my friend was fed up of listening to the word “hot” from my mouth) This time we followed the arrows & then realized this wasn’t the route we came up from & at a point I actually thought we were lost, but we weren’t. It was just a longer route & we ended up reaching down in someone’s private property haha. Also, I forgot to tell you I found a white leaf looking wood which I picked & got home.

We had prepared ourselves to walk more half & hour to finally sit in a rickshaw & head back to the station but lucky us, we only had to walk five minutes because we ended up getting one on the way.


Did your mom ever forget to pack your tiffin without a spoon? Well, this was one of those days. We were really hungry so as soon as we reached the station I started looking around if I could find a shop where I could probably get a spoon but I didn’t. Then I finally got two spoons from a “gola wala”, the spoons were smaller than an ice cream spoon. But something’s better than nothing right?


We thought we could sit at the station & eat something (pulao with baby spoons) while waiting for the train. But we walked the whole station & couldn’t find a single place. Oh yes, & I saw the famous vada pav again & this time it looked irresistible or maybe I was just really hungry, but it tasted damn good. You must definitely try it unless you’re on a diet (still try it :P). We were munching on vada pav while waiting in the train, for the train to leave so that we could finally reach home & rest.


Also, we just spent ₹300 per person, isn’t that cool? Let me know if you guys are up for a small travel blog post every month. Would love to know in the comment section below <3