Hey Perspective, Why Do You Keep Changing?

Let me start by telling you how I ended up getting these pictures. So it was one of those days where I planned to shoot for my blog but this time I wasn’t really sure about the outfit, all I knew was that I wanted to style one of the 2018 fashion trends. I’ve had this really pretty pink bell sleeves top with feathers on it from the time I was in the 8th grade, yes! it still fits me. So since feathers was one of 2018’s big fashion trend, I thought to play around with it.

If you’ve been visiting my blog or following me on Instagram, you must have noticed that along with writing, I also love creating stories through my pictures. Sometimes a picture can shout out something more than what I could possibly try to convey. In this one I’ve used my shades to portray a message (maybe not a message but something I realised.)


“A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view”

Hey perspective, why do you keep changing?

It’s amazing how all your life you think/see things in a certain way & as you grow you realise they weren’t supposed to be looked at, the way you did! All of us know what’s the right perspective to life and how we should look at it, but we tend to forget the “right” sometimes.

Take an example of a glass filled half with water and how some people see it as half empty & some see it as half filled. Cliche example, isn’t it? I think I have a better one, so take an example of your own life. We all tend to compare it with others just to feel better or worse about ourselves, even after knowing that’s the wrong perspective to life. We live in a generation where we are exposed to social media more than ever and we see so many positive messages & everyone telling you not to compare yourself.

I think you should compare yourself, NOT WITH OTHERS but with YOURSELF. Compare yourself to what you use to be, to what you’ve worked for & to what you’ve become. Appreciate the things you’ve not had before and now you do. You’ve grown beautifully & that’s all that matters.

Change your perspective & love yourself for what you are, because you’re definitely a better version of yourself right now.


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