Visual. Art. Love.

“Kukie why haven’t you been posting on the Blog? I want to forward it on whatsapp, all my friends are asking about you.” That’s what my mom’s been saying, I think she promotes my Blog more than I do hahah <3 I’ve been blessed with the coolest mom on earth, you will realise when you meet her & incase you’re wondering what or who’s kukie, well that’s my nick name 🤷🏻‍♀️

When I just started the blog, my main focus was fashion, which still majorly is. But in this process I realised that I’ve fallen in love with CREATING visuals. The whole process of creating a visual story is wonderful & indescribable. Well if you’re someone who loves creating any form of art, you might understand how insane & fun the process is. The entire idea of planning, directing, creating & editing pictures has thought me unique ways to think & widened my perspective on creating visual art.

Well I’m kinda working on clicking pictures of me by myself as well, that would be too cool right? But thanks to Lendl for always being there & having patience. It’s definitely difficult to understand someone else’s vision & turn that vision into reality, specially when it comes to clicking pictures, but Lendl does it with real ease.

Fun fact – Most of my Blog & Instagram pictures are clicked with a phone.

Let me know in the comment section below if you guys want the next blog post to be something about fashion or something random & creative, or both together.



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