Unicorn🦄 Or Candy🍭?

Are you someone who hesitates before trying a new colour? If you are then you should first experiment with light colours, because if you try something very bright & not end up liking it, you might just stop giving colours a try. Experimenting with colours can be really fun if you do it the right way, actually even if you don’t I’m sure you can pull off whatever you wear. A tip that I could give you guys is to check if you fall under a cool/warm/neutral tone category. There are certain colours that suit each category (at least you could start with this). Won’t be getting into depth of this, but you can google or YouTube it, I’m sure you will find it helpful. Also, it definitely takes a little time to figure out which tone you fall into. I’m sure that I’m not a cool tone person, but I’m still confused between warm & neutral.

I’ve always been a person who loves experimenting with colours. Even during college I loved wearing different colours. Not just clothes, I even came up with a hairstyle where I used to braid my hair & add a few colourful rubber bands and style it like a hairband. I know this might be complicated for you to understand but I’m sure you will do well with your imagination.

By the way this post has nothing to do with the hairstyle. As you all know how much I love street shopping & this place I keep bragging about – Lady Jamsheji road, let’s call it Mahim street shopping from now? Well, today’s whole outfit is from that place & it’s below 500 Rs (300 Rs to be precise haha).

Well I didn’t know I would end up talking so much about colours in this post, I was actually going to blabber about my drawstring pants love. But after I got the pictures clicked & edited them I was like “this post does total justice to this outfit”

Also, do I look like a Unicorn or a Candy? Let me know in the comment section below.

Tata <3


Clicks by – Lendl Paul

Outfit – Lady Jamshedji road, Mahim.