What if I tell you things that matter to you right now won’t matter in few years and things that don’t matter right now might suddenly start fascinating you! Hasn’t it always been this way? Think of that one thing that mattered to you few years back and now it doesn’t really do (actually, might not even exist in your head or must have faded away). It can be a thing, a situation, a person, a wish, a word, a thing or anything stupid (yes! stupid). I’m sure we all have those things we look back & laugh at or say “wish I didn’t bother about it because it actually doesn’t matter anymore” The reason I’m blabbering about this is because we don’t realize everything that we do/did is just going to pass away/not exist after some point, then why bother ourselves with things that are not going to last forever?

For a change, let’s BREATHE! Just breathe without letting our mind function for a minute & letting those “not gonna last forever things” go away.

The fact that we wake up every morning is the biggest blessing itself, if we don’t start appreciating this small but most important thing in our life, how will we appreciate or be happy with anything else? So let’s just breathe together every day for a minute & be happy about the fact that we are alive because trust me things are going to just be the way they are even if you think or don’t think about it. The only thing you should do is breathe & live in the moment, because you’re more precious than the things that play in your head.



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