Oversized Over Oversized

What do you do when your friend buys a new car? Shoot! Obviously, what else do you expect from me. If I had a choice I would make use of every location & things on this planet. Because everything’s just so beautiful in it’s own way & it’s amazing to show it through pictures.

Do you own a white shirt/ever did/planning to buy one? It’s totally worth the hype. It’s one of the best staple pieces that you can own in your wardrobe. I have like four or five white shirts, but the one I’m wearing in this look has gotta be my favourite, or at least “current favourite” (because you know how I am when it comes to sticking to a trend haha). If you didn’t get that, I shall explain. So I’m that kinda person (I don’t know if that’s even a kind) who gets bored of outfits very easily. Like if I wear an outfit once, the next day I feel like I’ve worn it ten times already, so I cannot repeat it again for sure (at least for a year haha).

Now you’re probably wondering that I have tons of clothes to make this statement, but no! I’m just another girl who has enough clothes (not excess) & still sometimes ends up saying “I have nothing to wear”. But by getting bored of an outfit I don’t mean I get bored of a particular top or a pant or a dress, It just means the whole outfit together. So if I style a particular denim skirt with a black crop top & sneakers, next time I’ll simply make sure to slightly change it by adding a jacket or a jewellery or just completely replacing one of the three things with something else. Like boots with the sneakers or the denim skirt with high waist pants. Got the point or it’s complicated to understand? haha.. I hope you got it.

Well, in this look I’ve worn an oversized shirt-dress & then layered it with an oversized shirt. I think the best part of this look is this huge super cool chain (which looks like a dogs chain) & this quirky six braid plaits, styled by my mom.

Would you layer oversized clothes with oversized clothes? Let me know in the comment section below.



Clicks by – Lendl Paul

Outfit Details 

Oversized Shirt & Chain – Lady Jamshedji road, Mahim, Mumbai

Sunglasses – Colaba Causeway
Shirt Dress – Gift
Shoes – Street Style Store