My Amul Story

This one’s a little cute & also close to my heart.


When I was a kid my Mom always showed me the Parle-G packet & told me that the girl on the packet was me. And obviously as a child you believed almost everything that your parents would tell you. It used to make me feel so nice, every time, when I looked at it on posters/ads or even while eating the biscuit, on the biscuit packet. The major reason I believed my Mom was because I had the same hairstyle as the Parle-G biscuit & Amul girl & also had a round face. It didn’t stop there I also went boasting about it to people & telling them that I’m the one in the ads & on the packets. This wasn’t just about the girl on the Parle-G biscuit packet but also the girl on Amul butter packet (the mascot as you may call it) I wouldn’t call her that because she was real to me okay!


Well, after few years I realised that everything was a lie, my Mom hurt my feelings (hahha..just kidding) but now that I blog & I love creating things, I thought why not create something that I was always fascinated about & also something that has a story behind it. At first I was planning to buy a dress that looked similar to the Amul chick. But then I thought why not just make it by myself. And let me tell you, I had more fun creating & shooting this outfit than just rather styling a basic outfit. We all love doing something different now & then, and I guess this was mine.


I didn’t have a perfect location in mind but I knew that I wanted to shoot outdoors, because I still need to learn how to shoot without having the perfect light. So I went to this place which was isolated , but not completely isolated (which I figured out while I was shooting there). Well that didn’t stop us, we continued shooting & I still remember aunties passing by & saying “Aye Amul cha ad hai”. Something like that, I’m sure you understood what that meant.


Comment below & let me know what your parents made you believe as a child & you realised it’s not true after you grew up. Let’s have fun reading everyone’s hilarious stories.


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