Have you ever thought why is the start always the most difficult part? Like starting a new job, getting in the habit of reading a book, learning something new, starting a business, doing something you love & more. The thought of starting something new is always so fearful, like it will take you a year to contemplate on doing something & just two minutes to actually do it.

What would happen if you just do it without thinking? Well, even I don’t have an answer to that, but I have something else that might help. So think of that one thing you love & have been wanting to do since a long time but didn’t give it a try ONLY because you have some kind of fear (which doesn’t even exists) holding you back. Think of that exact fear (a situation) as if it’s already happened¬† & then think of the consequences. Is the consequence going to change you in anyway or harm what you love doing? No, It’s not! It will only make you stronger or won’t make a difference at all.

We often live in a world that we create in our head but doesn’t really exist (I’m talking about the bad things) the good ones are definitely good for us. We create unrealistic situations, assumptions & fears which don’t even exist & live in that small fearful world in our head. Maybe just for once we should try stop feeding the fear & feed the fearless side & see the magic that happens. Because life’s too short to stick to something that doesn’t even exist & instead of being stuck to that fear we should let ourselves experience & create something beautiful that’s waiting to happen.

You just need to take that one step first for the universe to offer you the entire ladder.

Shot by –¬†Lendl Paul

Concept & Edit by –¬†Rachel D’cruz