Silhouette? Maybe Not.

It’s been a month since I wrote here and it’s the first time that I actually skipped a month of a blog post. Honestly, it doesn’t feel good.

Some update that nobody asked for – The reason why I didn’t write here for almost a month is because I’m trying to figure out if I should continue writing here or just make YouTube videos. Just like everyone keeps talking about figuring out what you actually love more & then continue doing it, I was trying to understand what I love more, writing or making videos. Finally after contemplating for more than a month I’ve realized that I love doing BOTH equally, creating visually pleasing  images & making weirdly informative DIY/Fashion videos. Both are some how correlated, in a way that I basically love creating anything that gets my creativity out & makes me learn something new about fashion, life or travel. I’m definitely better at creating images than making videos, because I’m still learning how to edit videos, but you never know when I might actually master that as well

Now that all the update is done let’s come to the look, I wonder why we always say “let’s come back to the look” like as if the look has been waiting for us or is running somewhere (bad joke) that’s what I’m all about.

The dress I’m wearing in this look has thought me how a silhouette of something can change the entire look. It’s so important to find something that actually suits your body type & more than that being aware about it. Until today I never knew this dress looked so good on me (some self appreciation) the silhouette, the neck line, the length, the print everything is just too perfect to be true.

PS – don’t worry this isn’t a sponsored blog or a brand content, this is literally me realizing how a silhouette of a piece can make such a big difference on your body.

– Tips to figure out what silhouette looks better on you

  1. I think all types of clothes can look good on you it’s just you accepting the fact that it does.
  2. Don’t let anyone else decide what you should/shouldn’t wear “because it doesn’t look good” you know better what does or doesn’t.
  3. If you think everything looks good on you, I love you! & If you don’t, you should! because girl it’s not the clothes that flatter your body but it’s your body that makes the clothes look good!
  4. You do you, because you’re a badass.

Remember no-one can ever give you tips on what, how or which clothes you should wear to look good, until you don’t love your body the way it is