Do you remember the trend that was going on few months back where everyone was recreating their childhood looks? Well, I did the same but with an intention of putting a small message out there.

This one’s for all my influencer/blogger friends or should I just say for people who create art & are very active on social media?

Don’t you ever feel like a newspaper? Every morning/evening you post a picture, people open it, see the picture, read your “caption” or just see your picture & skip what you have to say & decide what you are or who you are. They think that’s your whole story & that is what describes you completely? Basically it’s like everyone thinks they know you completely  now, just because you put up “pictures”/your work so often.

Maybe you’re right, I’m a newspaper & you can definitely read me & have your opinions, but did you forget that a newspaper shows you only what it wants to show you? Sometimes you only read the headline of a newspaper & decide what the whole article is about, well that doesn’t make you right or wrong about the opinion you  have but remember there’s more to something than you think you know. So start taking things for what it actually is without judging or acting like you know everything about it.

Because we are more than just a newspaper headline and by we I mean each & everyone of us, not just people active on the internet. I’m sure even if you’re not active on social media/online there will still be people judging you for only what they see. But don’t forget the power a newspaper has, it can only show you what it wants to & make you believe something that’s not completely true so go be a newspaper & let them think/see only what you wanna show them. Because guess what? they are anyway going to open & read you everyday, so you might as well focus on the good & spread more love.



Shot by – Lendl Paul

Conceptualized & edited by – Rachel D’cruz