Not Paris Fashion Week

With all the Paris fashion week pictures flowing on Instagram I couldn’t resist but dress up & pretend like I was going to attend one of the fashion weeks. Pretending for now but maybe next year you would actually spot me there, you never know hahha.

Since thrifting clothes is something I thoroughly enjoy there’s one thing that I love doing more & that’s thrifting pants. After so many years of thrifting clothes, I’ve realized that you can find good style/fit tops & dresses really easily but when it comes to bottoms you gotta dig your way through. Though once you figure out the art of finding the right bottoms then it only gets easier. It’s almost been four years since I stopped wearing denim pants on a regular basis, for the obvious reasons that it isn’t that comfortable. I definitely have my share of denim days but that’s only when the weather isn’t as humid or if it’s not raining, which is very rare in Mumbai because it either rains cats & dogs or is completely humid.
So on most of the days, you will either spot me wearing loose daddy pants or dresses or skirts actually anything that isn’t as tight as skinny denim pants. Yes, of course, there are denim pants that are unbelievably loose & comfortable, not just the size but also the material is soft & there are 10 different factors to consider. But I’m sure you know what i mean by the typical denim pants, the ones that you wear every second day as though it’s a uniform. This post sounds like I really hate denim pants but no I don’t, I just want to see more people wearing different types of pants & not rely on their denim 24/7. That reminds me, there are a lot of people who think wearing loose pants outside is not so cool or all loose pants are considered to be worn at home or while you’re sleeping. Noooo! Loose pants are supposed to make you feel comfortable that’s it, now you decide where you want to wear them 🤍




Shot by – Lendl Paul

Concept & Edit by – Rachel D’cruz