Dopamine Art

Life has lately been unpredictable, in good and bad ways. On one hand I’m grateful and on the other hand I’m confused. I like telling people to always look at the positive side but sometimes I forget tell it to myself. I know this blog post is supposed to be about fashion and it is. I wanted to start by telling you to never judge a book by its cover, just like these pictures. This raincoat inspiration had come to me during a time when I was at my lowest but had also achieved things in that month which I was extremely proud of, you can say I was happy, hurting and healing at the same time. Yes that’s a quote from reel on Instagram but it makes so much sense. I guess Art does come from a place of inspiration or at the time we least expect it just like this raincoat. I always save pieces of plastic in hope of recycling it one day but I didn’t know I could create something so beautiful and also practical to wear. My ideal thought behind collecting plastic was to recycle it into home decor, fashion was the last thing I could think of because creating decor out of waste is easy and convenient. The first time I created this raincoat I did fail because the fit wasn’t right and one of the plastic was too thin. But I didn’t want to completely give up and scrap the idea so I made the required changes and look how it turned out <3

Creating Art is one form that works for me to release my emotions so even though I wasn’t doing well mentally I’m glad something as beautiful as this turned out to be the outcome.