This one’s inspired by my mother. No, not the look and nor did I steal this outfit from her. I’m going to stretch this a bit because I want to build the suspense to how my mom actually inspired me to shoot this. I’m so curious to know what you guys must be thinking, like what would be the idea behind this shoot that I just don’t wana spill it too soon. Okay, maybe I should just say it now, it’s CHAI! Yes Chai, the one and only thing my mom loves more than me.


Even though I live alone I meet my mom more often than you can imagine, because I don’t really live that far away from my parents. Since the lockdown, I’ve been spending more time with her and I noticed how chai lovers wait for chai time or should I say there’s no such thing as chai time for them? Because anytime is chai time right? And since I don’t drink chai (don’t hate me for it) I thought why not just pretend to do a chai time shoot with my friend who’s always in my house (the statue). By the way her name is Statue, no not the “thing” statue her name is really Statue. The idea of her name was inspired by my best friend who named her rabbit “Rabbi” and her cat “Billi”. Well, I’ll leave that story for another blog because it’s hilarious!


Coming back to Chai I obviously won’t be the best person to describe the love for chai so I asked my mom what Chai meant to her and this is what she said “it refreshes me, like If I’m stressed or sleepy or not having a good day, having chai makes me feel good” One of my friend (who’s also a chai lover) said “chai is the start to everything”


PS – it’s not like I hate chai I was just never put in the habit of having chai everyday and neither do I have coffee everyday but I do like hvaing cold coffee once a week.