Bow Down To Summer

Summer’s here! Do you feel it? I definitely do. So here’s a summary post to start your summer with.
I believe scarfs aren’t just meant to be used in Winters, of course not the woolen ones but definitely the lighter materials. So I’ve created two summer looks with a bow (made of a scarf) and kept the outfit constant while using the scarf in a different way.


In the first look, I tied the scarf around my head & made a bow on top. I think it gives just the right summer vibes and somehow complements the whole floral print on the dress. You can ideally try this look on the days where you have less time to dress up or even on the days where you want to hide that frizzy hair. All you need to do is tie your hair in a top knot bun wrap a scarf around it. It doesn’t only help you get ready quickly but also protects your hair from all the wind, dust & helps prevent the frizzy look.



The second look was a bit simpler. To add more feminine touch to the look along with the floral print I tied the scarf around my waist and made a bow (again). Well, you can either keep the bow at the back or move it in the front. I also went with a different hairstyle this time and tied my tie up shoe a little lower.


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