Just Checking Again

What does checks print remind you of?

Well, I don’t know about you but for me checks printed clothes (especially red & black) remind me of a checks skirt I had when I was a kid. I remember wearing it for most of the occasions & trying to fit into it till I possibly could hahaha. Some of my friends might not agree to this because they know that some of my school time clothes still fit me & I still manage to make it look like they are not that old haha. But I had that skirt when I was really small so I obviously had to give it away once it stopped fitting.

Wondering why I’m talking about the skirt? Well, that’s because I’m wearing something similar to it in this look. When I spotted this woolen cross the byline skirt, it just gave me a Deja vu & I knew I had to pick it up. Since its made of wool I decided to create a winter look & pair it with a polo neck top from Forever21. Last but not the least to get the whole Winter feel I added some printed socks with black boots.

Also, doesn’t this outfit give you a Christmas vibe? I think it totally does!

Enjoy the pics below & let me know if you have similar stories to tell 🙂


Photos by – Rineet Paul
Outfit Details
Polo Neck Top – Forever21
Woolen Cross The Byline Skirt – Street Style Store