Scrap To Fab With Doodlage

This is the most excited I’ve ever been while writing a blog post & I’m sure you’re going to be too, after reading this. But before that, let me tell you a story. Since the time I was a kid, I always loved dressing up differently and wearing my friends or cousin’s clothes. I treated their cupboard like my own & that continued as we grew up haha. What’s more interesting is that whenever their parents would ask them to clean their cupboard I would sit & help them clean it (now you’re probably wondering how nice of a friend/cousin I am). Let me break the Ice here, the only reason I sat & helped them clean their cupboard was because I knew everything that they would give away would ultimately come to me haha..and not just that, the next thing I would be excited for, was to see what different things I could find in their wardrobe so that I could take it home & style it the way I wanted. Sometimes I would find clothes that were never even used & sometimes things that were not my size but I still took everything & made sure I used it. I feel it’s fun to style clothes from other people’s closet than to buy new ones. This process not only helped build a unique closet but also thought me how to make use of the clothes that you already have & that way I always end up shopping less & wearing pre-loved clothes instead.


The reason I’m telling you this story is because today’s post with Doodlage is not just about fashion but much more than that. Have you ever wondered, how would it be if we all could live a sustainable life? To me, it looks like a pretty good picture! In India, we are not only less aware of how a sustainable lifestyle could make a difference but also have fewer options to do so. Wasn’t kidding when I said today’s not just about fashion but much more than that. Though we do not have too many options to move to a sustainable lifestyle, we can always take a small step towards it. How? By being a part of the Scrap To Fab campaign by Doodlage.


At Doodlage, they upcycle industrial waste into short fun collections. Their fabric waste is then used to make home, accessories, and paper (which is being converted into a line of stationery products). Everything that they create is made out of fabric scraps sourced from large manufacturing units in India. These fabrics otherwise add to landfills or go into incineration. Their vision is to make circular fashion mainstream. They are currently working with post-production waste but their long-term plan is to also find ways to connect post-consumer waste to the recycling units to create fresh yarns and fabrics for their collections. But to realize their vision they need the funds to create more awareness around the need for circularity in fashion and to make this product a little more accessible through scale and distribution. While they’re currently working extensively with pre-consumer waste, they intend to use their funds to introduce alternatives to collect resell & recycle post-consumer waste in India.


Find the link to their campaign here – Scrap To Fab

I had mad fun styling these looks! Do have a look & let me know in the comments below what you think about this campaign & also which look you loved the most.


Tata, see you soon.


Look 1

Look 2
Look 3
Shot by – Lendl Paul