Denim On Denim

Who doesn’t love denim? Or should I ask who doesn’t love ripped denim? Well, denim has made its way from clothes to shoes, bags, accessories & hats. I bet it doesn’t stop there, we might see more of it coming in things we didn’t expect.

I’m totally into ripped denim. And when I say totally I mean I enjoy wearing them extremely ripped, but styling it can be a little tricky. It all depends on your personal style and how you want to wear it.

So I’ve created a denim on denim look with a white tank top, a sleeveless denim jacket, white shoes and a pair of DIY ripped denim jeggings (what? hahah yes it’s jeggings but doesn’t feel or look like one). I normally don’t find a pair of jeggings that fit so well, but this one fits like it was just made for me.

About the white shoes, I have to tell you I’d been hunting for this pair since so long but couldn’t find them. Then finally on my birthday I’d been surprised with these lovely pair of Adidas shoes.

This Levis denim jacket is something I would want to last forever. The colour specially gives some kind of vintage look. It’s absolutely perfect and blends well with the whole look.

I love trying different hairstyles, so to complete this look I tried a combination of bun and braids. To start off with this, I’ve first made four partition of my hair, then twisted and secured them with bobby pins. After that I’ve taken the top half portion of my hair and tied it into a bun. For the remaining lower hair, I’ve just tied it into two basic braids.

Last but not the least I’ve added these white suspenders to give this look a twist.

Also, as I’m new to the blogging world I would love to know if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Enjoy the pics below <3


Outfit details

Denim Jacket – Levis

Tank Top & Denim Jeggings – Hill Road Bandra

Shoes – Adidas