3 Ways To Style A Slip Dress

Isn’t it amazing how one piece of clothing can be styled in different ways?

More than suggesting places to shop, I always wanted to give some ideas on how to style differently. It’s not about having tons of clothes in your wardrobe, but styling it smartly and pairing it with different things. Today’s look is about how you can style a slip dress in different ways without worrying about revealing your skin too much. I’ve gone completely monochrome in this look, with a white slip dress and a black kurta (yes kurta hahah). So the kurta was long enough to be worn as a dress but had small slits at the sides like the way all kurtas do, so I stitched it up a bit, to wear it like a dress.

Look  1 – I styled it with a vintage belt, you could use any belt that you like.


Look  2 – I rolled the dress till my waist, gathered it at the back and then tied a rubber band to it.
 Look  3 – I gathered the dress from the front, right till the top & used a tie pin to hold it which formed the pleats.
Hope you guys liked these styling ideas.
Don’t forget to tell me which one was your favourite 🙂