Inside Out

Today’s look is as catchy as the “headline”.

As they say “good things take time”, but that doesn’t mean the good thing has to be something huge it can be just as small as this look I created today. You know how I find these random clothes under my bed & even in my cupboard sometimes?  So this time I bumped into this cute nightwear which is baby pink in colour & has sweet details on top. After contemplating for a few days I came to a conclusion that I just can’t wear this at home or to sleep, it deserves to be flaunted outside. This is not the first time I’m pairing night clothes in my everyday look & it’s also not the last because you never know what I bump into in my cupboard haha.

After creating this look, I realised I have another interesting piece which people usually wear under their clothes, it’s called a *slip*. It definitely comes in various styles but this one is a slip dress which someone would wear under their dress (people usually wear it under clothes that are a little transparent) but instead of wearing it under my dress I layered it over my dress & I’m in love with how it turned out. I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing to do but its something experimental that completely went in the right direction. I would actually love to see people styling it this way because I’ve come across very few people who actually experiment with something that might not be acceptable outside.

Did you ever think of styling your nightwear with your everyday look? Let me know in the comment section below.

Look 2
 Shot by – Lendl Paul
Concept by – Rachel D’cruz