Button Up Or Maybe Not!

Winter is almost coming to an end. The feeling of heading towards summer isn’t that great, because of tons of reasons like boiling under the sun or having skin issues, I think my skin feels much better in winter & monsoon compared to summer. I think I’m going off topic now, so my skin isn’t the topic here other than loving my winter skin I’m also gonna miss wearing woolen clothes. I mean you can always style your summer clothes in winter but I might roast under the sun if I even try to wear woolen clothes in summer. So I’m gonna make use of all my winter clothes before the heat starts popping out.

This post is about how you could layer a bit extra with your button up skirts. If you’re someone who loves experimenting just like me then I think you should try this out. I think I finally found the purpose of these skirts..hahah. So I layered these hessian material skirt with my woolen red dress which I recently shopped form Lady Jamshedji Road in Mahim. Skirt over dress? I think it’s a total slay. And of course i had to complete the look with my winter boots.

Also, I might do a skirt over dress summer look. What’d you think? Yay/nay?

Let me know in the comments section below, always love to hear from you guys <3


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