Pants With A Little Twist

Starting this post with a fun fact. So I was out of denim pants (ok maybe not 😛 ) but I needed a pair that fits well & is high waisted. I spotted this really cool pair of strap pocket denim pants on Shein, I ordered it without giving it a second thought. Why? Because I absolutely loved the colour & the fact that it came with detachable suspenders. I mean who wouldn’t mind suspenders along with their pants 😛 Also, how chic are the pockets?

So it was time to style them now. While I was purchasing these pants, I already knew what I wanted to pair it with. Since it was high waisted I wanted to show off a little of my midriff (because why not hahah) so I paired it with a flowy bell sleeves crop top. To complement the top I wore these maroon loafers & went all matchy-matchy 😛 Completed the look by adding these large hoop earrings (made of bangles) a statement ring and double buns.
Let’s go have some fun now, shall we?

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what would you pair your high waisted pants with.








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