Love And Hate Relationship

“What’s all this love & hate relationship about?” I asked my animal print jacket. Well, it didn’t answer back, so I’m going to assume it loves me.

As a child, when I was introduced to this print, I was completely mind blown with it. I thought it was the coolest thing on this planet & whenever I wore it, I felt like that particular animal hahah. I also thought if you owned animal print clothes, you were the most stylish person alive. I would blame my mom for this, because she loved the trend (still does) & would make sure to dress me up with all sorts of animal print clothes. I remember when animal print was in trend I literally spotted every second person wearing it. And that was when my love turned to hate, Ouch! (I didn’t wanna sound so harsh) so let’s say my fascination went away.

Since you people put so much of effort to visit my Blog & read it, I think you deserve to know me better. So I’m going to make sure every time you visit, I’m going to “reveal” more things about me (hahah just wanted to give myself a little importance)

So here’s a fun boring fact about myself – I tend to get bored of things faster when they are in trend & they charm me more when they are not. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love trying new trends or wearing something when it’s in trend. I would wear it for a teeny tiny bit & then give up on it.

About this animal print jacket – I recently found it in a bag that was lying at home (I have random bags filled with random clothes which works like a treasure, so that I can dig into it once a while to surprise myself) I hate to give out my clothes so this is what I do with it. Went all black because I wanted to highlight the jacket. Then wore some basic socks with my sandals (that’s just lately been my thing). Last but not the least added these DIY earrings made of U-Pins, can’t wait to share more of these DIY earrings that I made a few months ago.

Tata, see you soon <3


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