Can you pair two light colours together? Wait, Why is that even a question? Of course, you can!

I personally like pairing random things together even if they may seem like they wouldn’t go together on the hanger, but when you put them on, the overall look works just fine. I created a look with two light colours this time, a frilly (hahha yes frills again) denim slit skirt with a pink top which also has small frills on it. I’m sure by now you all must have got it why I named the post – Light Light.

Also, we all know denim is something that can be paired with almost everything & you can never go wrong with it. So I’m currently obsessed with this light denim colour and I’m so crazy about it that I think I’m gonna hunt for more things in this exact same colour.

Let me know if you guys like pairing light colours together. If yes, how & which colours would you style?

Do share your thoughts on this & don’t forget to watch the video at the end 🙂






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