Summer Wardrobe Confession

Hey there, how’s summer treating you? I really can’t handle the heat & I also just realized I have fewer summer clothes.



There are two places where I keep all my clothes. One is my cupboard and the second is the storage place under the bed. That’s where I keep all the clothes that I don’t need for the season, yeah that’s how it functions hahah. So last weekend I was going through my wardrobe to segregate all the winter clothes, especially all the jackets (I have a hell lotta jackets) so that I could keep them under the bed since I won’t be using it in the summer & they also consume a lot of space. As I was doing that I realized I have really few summer clothes. So this summer my main aim is to get/create some more summer outfits.


I always wanted to own a dungaree from the time it was in trend, but I have no idea why I didn’t end up buying one. I recently purchased a denim pinafore dress though, which I think looks really chic when paired with this crazy print shirt (turned it into a crop shirt). Added my Birkenstock sandals (warned you, don’t complain if you see me wearing it very often :P) and used these old school basic U hairpins as my earrings to complete the look.




Clicks by – Lendl Paul

Outfit Deets

Denim Pinafore Dress – FabAlley

Birkenstock Sandals – H&M

Shirt & Sunglasses – Lady Jamshedji Road, Mahim.