One Colour From Tip To Toe

Hey there, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, except for the fact that I finished reading “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k”. For some reason I didn’t want the book to end not that I’m a bookaholic but I just fell in love with this one (would definitely recommend). Also, would love to get some suggestions on which book I should read next, let me know in the comments below. Ok now quickly let’s talk about today’s look.


Have you ever imagined wearing the same colour outfit from tip to toe, like a red top, red pants & red shoes? or maybe a yellow top, yellow pants & yellow shoes? Now you probably must be picturing yourself in all possible colours from top to bottom & wondering why would you do that? It might sound stupid but it’s not! There’s a smart way to do it and that’s by wearing different shades of the same colour (you gotta be careful even while doing that because I’m sure you don’t want it to look overblown.)


I wanted to keep the colour palette relatively light, so I paired all light hues of blue together. I created a look with an over-sized blue shirt (borrowed from a friend), a denim waistcoat, blue ankle length denim pants & denim shoes. Except for the colour, the other thing that’s constant in my outfit is “denim” like literally (including shoes.) Even after keeping the colour & fabric constant, I guess I somehow managed to look sane. Added these really edgy shades & completed the look with two cute buns.


Would you try pairing same colour clothes together? I think you totally should!




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