Slaying With Koovs

I think this post is as relatable as I think it’s going to be..haha.. I guess that made sense. If it didn’t, then this definitely might.


How many of you are a bit confused & clueless when it comes to shopping online? It’s so chaotic out there that we are often not sure about what & where to shop from. We have tons of questions like, Is the quality good? Will it be delivered on time? Is it worth the price? What if it doesn’t fit? Will I be able to exchange it? And many more. Well, you can never be sure about shopping online until you’ve tried it. I use to be really hesitant about purchasing anything online, but not anymore!


If you have a great experience shopping online the first time, then you’re never gonna be scared right? So this post is about one of my favorite shopping site, I’m sure most of you are already aware of Koovs. It’s always been one of the best places to shop from, be it clothes, shoes or accessories, their collection is uniquely interesting. The other thing I love about Koovs is the quality. The products are exactly as shown in the pictures so you definitely don’t need to bother about that. Also, they make shopping easy & deliver products on time. What else can you ask for?


Today’s look is quite minimal, I think the dress works well by itself. It’s so edgy specially the slit in the front with the rope detail, you can adjust the rope according to how long you want the slit to be. But I obviously had to add some quirk to it, so I wrapped a belt around my waist & buckled this black fanny pack on my shoulder (which I stole from a friend) hahah. Last but not the least added my birkenstock style sandals that I picked from H&M to complete the look.


I would love to know your favourite online shopping site <3

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Corset Split Maxi Dress – Koovs

Birkenstock Style Sandals – H&M