Layering In Summer

Besides wanting to save your skin from the sun or staying dehydrated or wearing clothes that make you feel less hot, what else do you look for? I don’t know about you but for me, it’s surely being comfortable & looking stylish at the same time.

I miss layering all my winter clothes, although Mumbai Winters don’t let extremely layering, I still managed layering two three clothes hahha. But how do you layer your clothes in Summers? The idea of layering your clothes in Summer might sound crazy, because we tend to wear lighter fabrics & keep ourselves as cool as possible & layering definitely isn’t one of the options. But what if it’s possible to layer your clothes in Summers, without getting roasted in the heat?

Camisoles are a go-to in Summers, but wearing it just by itself all the time might get a bit boring. It’s time to play around with it! And by that I mean, layering them over light fabric t-shirts (preferably cotton) just like I’ve done in this look. It doesn’t only help you layer clothes in Summers, but also adds an element of fun to your outfit.

Coming back to comfort, we all love to sit, walk, run, jump in something comfortable. So what could be a better option than track pants? Specially side panel track pants, I’m totally obsessed with this style. The one I’m wearing in this look is actually stolen from my dad’s wardrobe. I borrowed it the day after i spotted him wearing it & never gave it back hahah.

PS – I love wearing & styling clothes from other people’s wardrobe.




Clicks by – Lendl Paul

Outfit Deets

White Shirt – H&M

Track Pants – Dad’s Wardrobe

Camisole & Loafers – Lady Jamshedji Road (Street)