Shirt Or Skirt?

You know what I’m thinking right now? Thinking of how to start this blog post, to say something catchy/interesting to get your attention. But wait, why does everything need to be interesting? Why can’t some things be just the way they are? Also, I know I don’t need to get your attention, because if you’re spending your precious time here, it means you already love me *Rachel sheds a tear*.

So here I am, doing my usual “thang”, posing in an unusual outfit. I always wanted to wear an oversized shirt like a skirt, but wearing it like a skirt is just one of the fun things you can do with it. You can style the sleeves in different ways & make it look like a completely different skirt & then maybe wear it the entire week? Okay I’m pushing it now but you get the point right? Oversized clothes can always be turned, twisted & styled in zzzz…ways (tons of different ways)

Well about the boots – I randomly happened to pick them from Mahim (my favourite street shopping place) for Rs 100 ONLY. Also, yellow wasn’t popping as much in this look, so I added a yellow bindi to make it pop hahaha.

Would you like to see me playing with a different colours next time? Let me know in the comment section below.

Ta ta.



Clicks by – Lendl Paul


Outfit Details

Denim Shirt – Fashion street, Churchgate

Crop top – Hill road, Bandra

Gumboots – Lady Jamshedji road, Mahim