Happy Diwali

You know what’s so special about this blog today other than Diwali? I shot, edited & wrote this blog today itself. Well, I never do things last minute because I’m that type of a person who likes to plan & keep things ready a week or ten days before. But unfortunately this couldn’t happen for this look, for too many reasons. First being I wasn’t really well the whole week (I think half of the people I know weren’t well last week) I guess it’s the Mumbai weather & second because it wasn’t getting scheduled at the right time. I hate giving excuses for things that I love doing. Since I didn’t create any looks last Diwali I decided I had to do it this year. I’m just another person who doesn’t have many traditional clothes in her wardrobe, (don’t worry I’m working on that).


The Saree that I’m wearing has a story of its own. If you’ve read my previous blogs you would definitely be aware of my mysterious bags of clothes under my bed but don’t worry if you’re new here I shall tell you. There are few mysterious bags under my bed which consist of random & some vintage clothes. So whenever I want to surprise myself or want to create something different I just dig into those bags & end up finding something unusual (it’s like a cool small shopping store)


This time it wasn’t much like a surprise though because I already knew this saree exists but I just didn’t know when, where & how I would wear it. I was wondering if it’s too mainstream to wear it on Diwali but I’m all about making a mainstream thing look not so mainstream & hence I decided to go ahead with it. Also, I just realised this is the first time I’m wearing an Indian outfit on my blog, mommy’s going to be proud (not really, she’s cool with me wearing anything haha)


Let’s talk about the look, shall we? I think the saree speaks for itself in this whole look, though I wore so many pieces of jewellery along with this, I feel the saree completely stole the show. From the colour, to the print, to the material, it has all what you need to stand out. Now I definitely sound like I’m promoting a saree brand haha guess what? I’m not! Because this saree was stiched long back by one of my mom’s friend & given to her. I’m so glad this has been stitched otherwise I wouldn’t be able to create what I did today. I think everything has a purpose in this world just like this saree.


What’s yours?



Shot by– Lendl Paul