Meshy Meshy With Koovs

Do you remember the day when the sky just didn’t feel real in Mumbai? I know it’s hard to recollect a specific day but I’m sure you will remember after you see the shoot pictures below. I think 90% Instagram stories where filled with sky pictures & videos (I’m not complaining). I mean why would someone want to miss this kind of beauty & me being a “cloud lover” (if that’s a thing), I would never  complain about all the cloud stories. So I was casually chilling at home, actually, I was preparing some content for my blog & I happen to look outside & immediately noticed how appealing the sky looked. I obviously couldn’t resist myself & ended up shooting that day itself. Thanks to my helpful photographer Lendl who’s always up for a shoot.

As I didn’t have much time to prepare for the shoot, I went completely basic with my outfit – black pants, white classic T-shirt & Adidas shoes. But I obviously had to add some element of dramatic style here, so I layered this long mesh jacket which also had a hood attached to it. Thought I would keep the hair simple with a basic ponytail but then I braided two really tiny plates in front of my ears which I think complemented the look even more. Last but not the least I tried to experiment with my eye makeup, for a change. Didn’t do anything fancy though, because I wanted a subtle look so I just applied my silver liner on the inner corners of my eyes.

The highlight of the entire day was when I spotted something really cool while shooting. A freaking rainbow! Like what more could I ask for the day to be more wonderful? Not sure if everyone gets as excited as me when they see a rainbow but damn I wish could just touch it once.

Okay, Tata now.

Shot by – Lendl Paul
Outfit Details
Mesh JacketKoovs
PantsClaudia Kleid